About Us


Directors’ speech:

Life Innovations International Ltd. is a company which concerns on the quality of life,the quality of products for life. We aim to deal with the goods which are benefit to people, addition to its product values, the goods which are PlusForLife!

As directors and shareholders of the company, we started this company with the mission that we wish to do the business with items are giving advantage to human being, Eco friendly to earth, something only GOOD for our next and next and many more next generations.  There were/ are too many environmental pollutants in our daily life, harmful chemical substances surrounding us. Why could not deal with the Natural and/or Organic products which are harmless to earth? Why could not help to reduce these harmful residues on earth?  Could we educate our children, tell our family and friends, influence all people we link with when they buy any consumables?  We all need to learn to be a wise consumer in selecting the real Natural/ Organic and Eco friendly items for our family and for our life!

One of our goal is to bring the message to others that business could be and should be with the positive and Back to the Basic values. We love children, we love people, we love our world and we need to protect them and the earth with our utmost effort whichever way we could do in our daily life. We will bring the “Love” message to people, and from people to affect other people and we believe that if we continue to carry out this valuation, the Life is always Green, the Life is always natural, the Life will bring back our very Clean and Beautiful Earth! Let’s keep everyone has the same thinking of “PlusForLife”!

Life Innovations carries the product lines of Skin Care, Hair Care items for new born babies & children and people with different kind of skin types under the brand MommyCare. The MommyCare products are one of the best solutions for mommies to choose for their loved ones. The other line of products is the effective Household cleaning items under the brand Clarixx. Both MommyCare and Clarixx items are made in Turkey and strictly with the certifications by ICEA on these products.

We shall continue to develop and expand our “PLUS” product lines to fit for people’s need and concern in the near future.